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Linkedin does not provide follower count while typing in your posts so it's hard to choose the best hashtags for maximizing your reach.

The following is the list of Top 100 hashtags that gained the maximum number of followers in the past three months. (Updated March 2021)

Hashtag — Followers Increased — Total Followers

  1. #careers — 1.5M — 22.5M
  2. #personaldevelopment — 1.2M — 14.8M
  3. #motivation — 979.9K — 15.7M
  4. #marketing — 885.2K — 20.4M
  5. #technology — 861.7K — 26.5M
  6. #innovation — 757.5K — 38.9M

If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so first.

Download this extension to boost your presence on LinkedIn.

So what did I exactly do?

To obtain the data into my Spreadsheet, I considered exploiting the power of Google Apps Script’s integration with Sheets to interact with the outside world and append data onto new rows. To access Apps Script from the Spreadsheet, choose Tools -> Script Editor. It will open a new tab, with the code editor waiting for you to write your code. The simple function I wrote handled the basic task of calling an API, get the data, parsing it, and then finally…

Download this extension to boost your presence on LinkedIn.

My Motivation!

So I started using LinkedIn a few days back and ever since I was fascinated by the knowledge-rich content people regularly post on this platform. Inspired by others, I started sharing my insights and knowledge through some posts that I thought others might benefit from. Being from an analytical background, I looked at the numbers, i.e. the amount of reach and engagement my posts got and soon I felt the need for an analytical tool. I searched a lot online but could not find any good solutions, most of them were…

Chaitanya Arora

🚀 LinkedIn Hashtags Chrome Extension !! A Deep Learning enthusiast with an inquisitive mind.

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